Autobiographical Notes and CV


My studio is in Haddon, in regional Victoria, in the Central Uplands, For the last decade, I have been developing my art practice, producing both landscape and figurative works for exhibition. I have shown in venues in Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Geelong and Daylesford, as well as interstate. My artwork has been featured on ABC TV and Channel 9.  I am happy to have had success in finding homes for my artworks, and there is a growing group of art-lovers and collectors who follow my work with interest. I also contribute to local venues and events like the Golden Plains Community Arts Trail, Smythesdale Arts Fiesta and the Art gallery of Ballarat.

My coastal works have been exhibited with Metropolis Gallery in Geelong for several years (though that gallery has unfortunately just closed permanently, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic).  Consignments of landscape works can sometimes be found with other galleries in Victoria and New South Wales. My most recent work is usually available (outside of social restrictions) to view on this website and at Blue Stone Cottage Studio Gallery in Haddon (near Ballarat).


I grew up in a small, rural village near the coast of East Anglia, in the UK. I spent most of my childhood outdoors, under big skies, adjacent to wind-raked coastal marshlands and beaches pounded by the chill North Sea. 

This is a famous description of the area where I grew up.  The Great Marsh 'is one of the last of the wild places of England, a low, far-reaching expanse of grass and reeds and half-submerged meadowlands ending in the great saltings and mud flats and tidal pools near the restless sea.  Tidal creeks and estuaries and the crooked, meandering arms of many little rivers whose mouths lap at the edge of the ocean cut through the sodden land that seems to rise and fall and breath with the recurrence of the daily tides.  It is desolate, utterly lonely, and made lonelier by the calls of the wildfowl that make their homes in the marshlands and saltings - the wildgeese and the gulls.' (from 'The Snow Goose' by Paul Gallico)

The wild, beautiful coasts of Victoria and Tasmania, the wide open country and forests around Haddon, and our own bush-block now replace those environments in my life, and are an endless artistic resource and fascination. I have lived amongst diverse landscapes, yet there are also continuities and connections, and these are intriguing and inspiring. There were woodlands around where I lived as a child. There is bush around our home here in Victoria. All these forested places are full of birdlife, dappled light, carpets of leaves, and all are restorative to those who walk through them, though they have a different beauty and character. Such wooded places, globally, are essential to the health of our world.

Learning to understand these natural environments, with their distinctive visual qualities and unique vegetation is an ongoing challenge and delight.  I am drawn to watery places, and I love the company of trees. Experiencing difference makes you look more closely, and perhaps see more clearly.  Nothing is merely familiar, or taken for granted, and every landscape is an amazement.

I am keenly aware, as many of us are, of the urgent plight of our natural environments globally. Whilst as a painter I seek to observe and record the beauty around us, I also feel the responsibility to learn about, and care about, its vulnerability. 


I studied to doctoral level at the University of Warwick (having been awarded a Major State Scholarship), and also spent a year in Florence at the university and attending art classes. I travelled extensively in Europe, visiting galleries and absorbing art history. I taught arts and humanities subjects at various universities in the UK, before coming to Australia with my husband. In Australia, I continued to teach, and for many years was an arts journalist and critic in the national press. As a literary reviewer and judge of contemporary Australian novels, I gained a great deal of insight into Australian culture and landscape, which has been valuable in the creation of my artworks. Throughout my life, the study and practice of art have been constant occupations.


2021 Art Gallery of Ballarat, Back Space, upcoming joint exhibition, April-May (postponed from 2020).

2020 Arts Trail Studio Exhibition postponed to later date

2020 Bullarto Gallery Bushfire Benefit (curator and exhibitor, mixed show)

2020 Summer Salon Metropolis Gallery, Geelong

2019 Group Art Exhibition, Sunday October 20th, Smythesdale Arts Fiesta

2019 Small Work's Art Prize at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne

2019 'Water is Gold: New works' at the Convent Gallery, Daylesford

2019 Arts Trail Exhibition, Golden Plains Community

2019 'Coastal' at The Keeper's Gallery, Ocean Grove

2019 'On Bass Strait', solo feature exhibition, Metropolis Gallery, Geelong

2018 'Fields of Gold', selected landscape works, Convent Gallery, Daylesford

2018 'New Coastal Works', solo feature exhibition at Metropolis Gallery, Geelong

2017 Flanagan Art Prize

2017 Metropolis Gallery Summer Salon

2017 Camberwell Art Show

2017 Albert Park College Art Show

2016 Metropolis Gallery Christmas Show

2017 Camberwell Art Show

2016 'Island Moodscapes', selected works at Gallery on Sturt, Ballarat

2016 'Rail Trail Works', selected paintings at Gallery on Sturt, Ballarat

2016 'The Art of Nostalgia' collection at the convent Gallery Daylesford

2016 'Ocean Story' solo exhibition at Qdos Gallery, Lorne

2015 The Flanagan art Prize

2015 Albert Park College Exhibition, Melbourne

2015 The Camberwell Art Show

2015 Puhoi Art  Exhibition, New Zealand

2015 'Summers in the South', solo exhibition at Qdos Gallery, Lorne

2014 'Domain of Memory', solo exhibition at Qdos Gallery Lorne

2013 'To See the Summer Sky Is Poetry', solo feature show at Suburban 312 Gallery, Melbourne

2013 'Ocean Light', South Yarra Art House, Melbourne

2012 '30th Professional Artists' Exhibition' Caulfield Grammar, Melbourne

2012 'Grand Opening Exhibition', The Equilibrium Art Centre, East Brunswick, Melbourne

2012 'Canterbury Art Exhibition', Melbourne

2012 'Vintage Funfair By the Sea', solo feature exhibition at Suburban 312 gallery, Melbourne

2012 'Vintage Funfair: Small works', APTE, Alphington, Melbourne

2011 Art Melbourne

2011 Opening Exhibition, The Breslin Gallery and Arts Hub, Fitzroy, Melbourne

2011 Bayside Reflections', solo feature exhibition at Suburban 312 Gallery, Melbourne

2010 'Shorelight', solo feature exhibition at Suburban 312 Gallery, Melbourne

2010 'Bay Dreaming', solo feature exhibition at Suburban 312 gallery, Melbourne

2010 Art Sydney

2010 Bank of Queensland Emerging Artist Award Pink Lady Art Show, Melbourne

2010 Bayside Rotary Porsche Exhibition Melbourne

2010 Art Melbourne

2010 Flinders art Show

2009 'Postcards From Oz', Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2009, 'Our Melbourne', My Victoria', Without Pier gallery, Melbourne

2009 Pink Lady Exhibition Melbourne

2009 Bayside Rotary Porsche Exhibition, Melbourne


Corporate Collections:

Epworth Hospital Geelong

Ballarat Clarendon College

Sir Zelman Cowan Centre, Melbourne

Pinarc Disability Support

Private collections nationally and internationally (several hundred sales through galleries and exhibitions).

Art-related Activities:

2020 Arts Council of Australia Grant

2019 - 2020 Arts Trail (Golden Plains Community) working committee

2019 Member of Golden Plains Arts Inc.

2017 Assistant curator and art marketer, works by Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Jamie Boyd, Gallery on Sturt

2016 Gallery assistant and art marketer, Gallery on Sturt

2015 Art Prize Judge Australian Catholic University Ballarat.

2000-20014 Arts Journalist, Literary Judge and Critic

1991-2014 Academic and senior lecturer UK and Australia

Not-for-profit Support Through Art sales and Donations:

The Heart Foundation 

The Anglican Church

The Royal Neurosurgeons Foundation

The Jesuit Refugee Service

Pinarc Disability Support Services